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Friendship is a beautiful feeling, real friends are counted on the fingers of a hand, moving forward in age we lose on our path.

The feeling of friendship is so precious as much as the feeling of love. If we’re lucky enough to meet a friend deep, it enriches us with treasures priceless, only the distance of a kiss separates the friendship of love…

To the friend one can confide, without being afraid to be ridiculed without fear of being judged or Humiliated: who knows me and loves me. If ever at a turning point in life, we have the opportunity open the door and your heart. In the difficult moments of life friendship comes to wipe away your tears those love it’s like a freshwater pearl.

Friendship is a helping hand, sometimes in silence, sometimes noisy to wake up the senses of reason. By this feeling we will let ourselves be lulled sweet melody. friendship is close to « love »,it is a different and complementary love , a friendship that makes us love like a sister or a brother without being born of the same mother it is a very beautiful feeling, which is like a stand and replace a missing love and can also become a support for the other.

Friendship is like love and engages us in this beautiful feeling where one is fully satisfied, if the other is also in the harmony of his body and his spirit: For my friends I also pray for them and if I can help them I do it: It’s also a part of my life, of the happiness that we share good and courteous relations, which commit us.

My dear friends: KAWTAR, MEHDI, NABIL  I love you <3 


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